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From the day it was announced to Canadian consumers, the KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich developed a stir. While it is obvious that this sandwich should never be considered healthy, does it deserve a great deal flack?

The newest Double Down sandwich was marketed successfully in america and it has now been launched to consumers in Canada. In fact, sales of the Double Down skyrocketed during 2010, earning it a place among the best new sandwiches in the background of https://www.kfc.com/menu/chicken, selling more than $10million worth within the first 30-days after its launch. There have been some concerns by the management of KFC about how exactly well the Double Down would target their customers in Canada. Besides sales, officials feared that Canada, which is a very “health-conscious” country, might see some resistance from your government and that it may not be embraced by consumers as soon as it had been in the united states. However, KFC finally made a decision to release the Double Down to the Canadian consumer market as being a special 30-day “limited time” sandwich, which will provide them with time for you to survey the response from actual customers. And so the big real question is – did Canadians embrace the Double Down like they did in the usa? The best word to describe it is actually: phenomenal.

The Double Down: How Unhealthy Will It Be?

Canada’s Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best stated that the government will be “looking to review” KFC’s sale of the Double Down Chicken Sandwich due in large part to concerns about this exceeding Health Canada’s Daily recommended daily consumption of 1500 mg of sodium, however she did retract that comment later stating that Canadian consumers should retain the legal right to make choices about food without influence in the government. This response causes you to think.

Exactly how much weight ought to be given to the government with regard to influence on the foods that Canadians consume?

While health nuts are usually searching for a approach to criticize fast food like the Double Down, however comparing this sandwich to other items including the Whopper from Burger King or perhaps the Big Mac from McDonald’s reveals it isn’t any less nutritional. It appears that many government organizations are getting in on the trend of regulating foods for consumers. Most of the time they try to restrict how available these unhealthy food choices are in an effort to improve the healthiness of their citizens. Not just they have required some businesses, school cafeterias along with other facilities to offer you healthy alternatives, however they are even attempting to restrict calories in snacks that exist in on-campus vending machines. Some schools don’t allow teachers to offer out candy to students on Halloween or Valentine’s Day. They believe this will work.

You think these restrictions and regulations can provide a healthier generation?

Do you really think that banning the Double Down sandwich at KFC would eliminate obesity? The solution is much more clear than some would like to think. Although some people lack the education and training to know what is nutritional and what is unhealthy, they make up a little amount of the populace. Blaming fast food restaurants or cafeterias for obesity and health problems is ridiculous. With freedom comes the cabability to choose and while many will make bad choices, it’s still their directly to choose. The us government just can’t play and ban things they feel aren’t healthy because in regards right to the crunch, an excessive amount of anything – even healthy foods – is unhealthy. Exactly what can we all do to correct these complications? Our Best Bet is to purchase Education

People need to understand much more about making healthy food choices then share that information with friends and relations. Learning exactly what a healthy person seems like then striving to find out the behaviors that will make an individual more healthy is another good start. Nobody should adhere to a Double Down sandwich on a daily basis, only one won’t kill you. Nutrition ghgcuk be approached in a balanced manner using the realization that it is okay to consume unhealthy foods in small quantities every now and again. You can consider the Double Down sandwich or other fast food product that catches your attention, just don’t practice it every day.

Will the KFC Double Down Stay on the Menu?

Over 350,000 KFC Double Down Chicken sandwiches were bought in Canada in just the initial 2 weeks, selling much better than expected. You are unable to judge the overall health of the country by their consumption of fast food, however this data shows that Canadians are simply as gluttonous as Americans are regardless how healthy they’d like us to believe they are. Because of its popularity, it’s most likely that KFC’s Double Down will remain on the menu in Canada for some time to come. You can either try one at Kfc menu with prices, or help make your own homemade version from the Double Down with significantly less sodium!